• DN 25 - DN 600
  • Solutions for ductile iron, steel, PE or PVC pipes
  • Full restraint function
Nominal diameter [DN]
Model 324050606580100125150200225250300350400500600
Flange, Synoflex
Flange adaptor System 2000
Flange with PE-end, SDR11
Flange with PE-end, SDR17.6
ISO pipe flange
ISO pipe flange, reduced
Flange adapter, steel pipes
Flange adapter, ductile iron pipes
Flange with BAIO socket (EU piece)
Flange with BAIO spigot end (F piece)
Blank flange
Internal threaded flange
Reducing flange, bolts on both sides
Reducing flange, bolts and holes
Transition flange
ZAK-adapter with flange