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HAWLE-VARIO – The time saver

Everybody knows the problem: After a pipe bursts, a new pipeline connection must be installed. Due to the settling of the pipe in the ground and tension release upon dismantling, angular deviations between the two pipes can occur. Parallel to this problem, the holes in the flange can become twisted, making it difficult to connect them together without further excavation work. In addition, it can be very difficult to accurately close the gap between the two pipes. Until now, it was only possible to repair these gaps with standard dimension fittings as well as tapered rings and this work was always associated with a great deal of patience and physical exertion!

HAWLE VARIO provides the convincing solution! HAWLE VARIO is a telescopic, flexible pipe fitting where the flexible angle of deflection can be adjusted up to 10° in any direction and the gap distance between the two pipes is easily closed due to its telescopic extension possibility. HAWLE VARIO is fully protected against corrosion with our advanced GSK epoxy powder coating. Fixing the supplied rods onto the HAWLE provides guarantees the full restraint. The HAWLE VARIO is quickly and easily installed by just one technician.

We recommend keeping one of each HAWLE VARIO dimension in stock at all times. It is primarily needed in an emergency and is only useful if it is immediately available. The HAWLE VARIO saves you time, money and aggravation during emergencies.

HAWLE VARIO also has a number of other applications, for example used in combination with a hydrant. Until now the hydrant installation was dependent on the position of the flange, but the flexible HAWLE VARIO enables a perfect alignment of the hydrant. Other applications could be to insert the HAWLE VARIO in front of control valves or bulk water meters. HAWLE VARIO is designed to make complicated pipeline connections simpler.

Advantages of HAWLE-VARIO

  • Handles 10° angular offset pipes
  • Telescopic design for longitudinal continuous adjustable extension
  • Adjustable bolt position
  • Restraint connection
  • Pressure level up to 16 bar
  • Wide field of applications





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HAWLE-VARIO. La innovadora pieza moldeada flexible por HAWLE.