certificates_hawle_2_en GSK Certified Staff IQ-Net, ISO 9001

GSK approval process

HAWLE is a founding member of GSK. All HAWLE products in need of corrosion protection meet the GSK requirements because the GSK validated manufacturing process used at all HAWLE factories are the same. HAWLE products not only vastly exceed the GSK requirements, but also establish a benchmark for what is possible in terms of corrosion protection.

Corrosion resistance and durability are guaranteed with the high quality surface protection coat. The epoxy powder coating process is performed in accordance with the quality and testing requirements according to RAL-GZ 662 / GSK - quality assurance association for heavy corrosion protection.

The GSK approval for the manufacturing process includes all activities from pre-treatment by shotblasting, temperature control and the coating process.

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GSK-Certifikate Processes Frankenmarkt

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validity 2018


GSK-Certifikate Processes Vöcklabruck

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validity 2018