Maria † und Engelbert † Hawle (Fundadores de la empresa)
Ulrike und Erwin Hawle

"Tradition is stoking the fire, not praying over the ashes."
Gustav Mahler (BC 1880)

Since the foundation of HAWLE there has been an uncompromising demand for quality and functionality of the products. Our engineers have with a passionate spirit and great persistence sought technical solutions that aid people working in the pipe trench. Profound knowledge has been characteristic of HAWLE for more than sixty years of experience.
HAWLE has remained in family ownership since it was founded in 1948. This situation provides the company with the necessary backing for long-term planning and investments as well as sufficient security in complicated or risky development projects.

The HAWLE owners are committed to the long-term success of the company.

HAWLE tradition means devotion to sustainable values.