Connection systems

HAWLE offers various pipeline connection systems.

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The Hawle Synoflex socket system is suitable for the restraint connection of all kinds of pipes generally used in the water industries. By means of the patented Hawle Synoflex you can establish corrosion-protected and high-quality connections of the most various kinds of pipes (AC, DCI, PE, PVC, steel).

Hawle Synoflex and the components installed therein are produced in Austria on special high-tech machines. In our in-house laboratories everything is subjected to most severe quality testing, from the raw material to the component part to the finished product.

  • Easy to install
  • 10 years Hawle factory warranty
  • Patented restraint system
  • Made for Generations

This makes the HAWLE Synoflex multirange
flange and coupling unique on the market both in
terms of quality and in terms of fitting accuracy.

• 100% Hawle                •100% certified quality




HAWLE-Synoflex Brochure

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Edition 2016

Product range

HAWLE-SYNOFLEX connector / Cat. no. 7974

DN: 150, 200, 225
PN: 16
Material: Ductile iron
Pipe material: PE

HAWLE-SYNOFLEX flange / Cat. no. 7994

DN: 125, 150, 200
PN: 10, 10/16, 16
Material: Ductile iron
Pipe material: PE