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Stage "Firefighter Combat Challenge"

The Firefighter Combat Challenge

Friday, 17. November 2017

Equipped with HAWLE hydrants

The “Firefighter Challenge” is a fire brigade competitive sport, which is held in numerous European countries. The “Hydrant Slalom” is one of the disciplines to be mastered in the framework of the competitions. In the past the event organiser used “pipes” (Imitation of hydrants) as slalom obstacles for this “hydrant slalom”.

For the same obstacles to be used in all competitions the European organisers of the competition agreed on uniform equipment for all events. Mr Christian Hochreiner – one of the top Austrian athletes and active participant in this fire brigade competitive sport – was hereby appointed as the “Hydrant Manager”.
He asked Hawle for 10 hydrant heads with fixed couplings for the competition.
E. Hawle Armaturenwerke GmbH was pleased to fulfil this request and provided free, complete hydrant heads (MA31).

These were spruced up using red and blue paintwork with a special emphasis on the Hawle-logo on the standing pipes custom made by Mr Hochreiner. To highlight the Hawle brand even more, additional Hawle stickers were also attached to the standing pipes.

Since May 2017, these Hawle hydrants have been used as slalom obstacles at all of the events in Europe
(e.g. Austria, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic) and the initial feedback has been very positive!

Mr. Christian Hochreiner the “Hydrant Manager”       Competition Firefighter Combat Challenge

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